Hawaiian shirt, how to maintain it for a long time?

Hawaiian shirts come in a wide variety of fabrics. You may be able to buy the original brand name. Because you really love Hawaiian shirts. and see that it is worth the investment however If you take care of it incorrectly may damage the fabric of the shirt And that may cost you money for free. So let’s see. How can I maintain a shirt like this?
The popular Hawaiian shirt is usually made from rayon. is a synthetic fabric and is often a delicate fabric And when wet, it can cause the fabric to shrink and scratch. Therefore, before washing, you should first understand what kind of washing you should do. If it’s a famous brand You have to be very careful. You must first look at the label on the collar or other parts of the shirt. Because there is a way to tell all that. Can be washed by washing machine or should be washed by hand And how should I choose to use detergent? And also tell about ironing with how much heat should be used for ironing to suit your fabric

And most, if it is a famous brand, often use dry cleaning methods. and must be sent to a shop that has equipment for washing But if you don’t want to send dry cleaning, you can wash it by hand. But I don’t want to recommend it. Let’s just say do it when it’s necessary. To wash by hand, you should use a mild detergent and add warm water to cover the basin and spin slowly by hand for 3-5 minutes, do not rub. And after that, rinse the water until all the bubbles are gone. and use your hands to squeeze the water lightly Do not twist hard and decisively.
It can be seen that when we wash and clean Hawaiian shirts that are genuine We will need a step in washing. and sometimes have to send to a particular laundromat in order to preserve the fabric to be beautiful and bright as before But if it’s an ordinary brand, you don’t have to worry about it much. because the fabric is different You can wash it by hand or machine. according to the sign
However, choosing to buy Hawaiian shirts should be purchased with a standard quality store. so you can get a nice shirt and can answer for you Not sure where to buy? You try to search from netu so there are any stores near home? If there is, you can try to go in and buy it. You will get a shirt that is the size and style that you want. If it’s an online store, it’s even more important to check it out. so that you can actually get standard quality products


May 3, 2021

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