Cliff booth Hawaiian shirt’s breezy shirt in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is perfect for summer

Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon A Time In Hollywood gave us a lot to talk about since its release. If you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, the film is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. Of all the things that made it a rage among the audiences, it’s the ’70s style shown through its characters’ wardrobes that deserves your attention. Case in point? Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth in his Hawaiian shirts, denim jackets and aviators.

Come summer, and the need to switch to breezy shirts gets real. Looking at Pitt, we believe a casual shirt, like the one he is wearing, works well as a day look to a bar or even a stroll in the mall. The key here is to style it like the actor, and you would in no time be looking like a bonafide movie star. The look is also a great reminder that you don’t need statement pieces to stand out. The humble shirt can do the job for you.

Here’s how you can recreate Brad Pitt’s look from Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
First, start with picking a basic, white t-shirt for yourself. You could opt for a logo printed one like Pitt or stick to solid hues. There’s a high chance you would already have one lying around in your wardrobe. Next, opt for your trusted pair of denim jeans. Any fit would work as long as you don’t look stuffy in it. Once you have these in place, take your casual shirt and wear it like an over layer to your t-shirt. We have just the one for you. You could either pick out a short-sleeved shirt or roll up the sleeves of your linen shirt. Lastly, stick to ankle length boots like the actor does and don’t forget your aviators for a day out.